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A piece of a paper with prints and graphics can act as a strong medium of publicity. It is known as the ‘poster’ or printed advertisement and it is considered as art objects in ‘Art and Activism’. They are framed and installed like advertisement that is exhibited publicly. It acts as a rich alternative of live advertisement for promoting an event, a product and even sentiments of public. Patriotism is the main sentiment, which has been, exhibited them since centuries.

How the poster should be?

Because the main motive of posters is promotion of an event, a product or a sentiment, it should be eye-catchy; which means it should quickly catch the attention of the public that passes by. However there is no any particular method or pattern to design them, but it can have an instant impact of a brief, striking colors and extravagant appeal of an ornate work of art to stem the success out of it.


Although we can see the use of poster artwork collections today also all around us; but they are not something very recent. It was first being used in the 15th century but its significance was not understood till 1860, until it was leveraged by the discovery of lithography. The lithography was used for creating brightly colored poster works with less cost and ease. Jules Chéret, was the first great modern artist who started his career in 1867. His art posters were clear, bright colored and mainly depicted the entertainer of the nightlife in Paris. His work dominated the Paris displays for 30 years especially during the end of 19th century and by the end of the 19th century it attracted the other medium as well.

Popularization of the Art Form

In the 1890s, the attraction towards the art posters was enhanced because there was an emergence of new art form known as ‘Art Nouveau’. It was discovered by was Alphonse Mucha, a Czech residing in Paris. This art was characterized by elegance, flowing, organic lines, and affluent intricate symbols. Alphonse Mucha created his very first poster for Sarah Bernhardt. He made of intricate ornaments and bright colors in them that made him popular overnight. It was the first of the inheritance of posters made by him. His artworks were use for advertising of grand theatre, for cigarettes, for announcements, chocolates and what not. After him, many other artists came into action whose work contributed significantly to the advertising industry.